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United Kingdom

St Stephen's Clock Tower

St Stephen’s Clock Tower, Westminster Palace (Houses of Parliament)/Horloĝturo Sankta Stefano ĉe la Palaco Westminster (Parlamentejo)

UK Parliament

UK Parliament website


Hansard: verbatim report of proceedings

House of Commons

The House of Commons consists of 646 Members of Parliament (MPs), each of whom represents a single constituency.

House of Commons Website

Lists of MPs

Commons Committees

House of Lords 

Members of the House of Lords are known as “Lords of Parliament”. The House of Lords does not have a fixed number of members: currently there are 779 members.

House of Lords website

Lords Committee Calendar

List of Members of the Lords

Downing Street

Downing Street/Strato Downing (Londono)

HM Government 

The United Kingdom currently has a coalition government, formed on the 12 May 2010 between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

The Coalition: Our Programme for Government
Coalition Agreement for Stability and Reform


No.10 – website of the Prime Minister’s Office

List of Cabinet Attendees

Cabinet Office Website


List of UK Government Departments

A-Z of Central Government

UK Government DirectGov Website